The steak and the stingy

After marriage, it has been a favorite date idea to have steak. I thought it was just a knack to try something tasty and expensive. But we soon realized that we LOVE steaks. I’m not sure but I think I am into it even more than my husband. When I did my crash diet, I craved badly for steak. So bad I thought I was going to cry when my husband told me to stick to my diet. 😩😅😅

So the stingy prick that I am searched the easiest treasure chest to find for a home-made steak recipe so we won’t go eating outside so frequently. We tried to cook a basic cut we bought from the grocery using a pan-grill and oven. We were ecstatic! It tasted good. But we felt so lazy to do it often that we stopped doing it by the second time. The strict timing and the oven pass was tedious. 

When we went to LuLu Hypermarket the other day, we crossed over some beef cuts that were less expensive than the rest. It was chopped in small portions. Bones-in. We were planning to cook stew with them but luckily, I came across this recipe that will satistfy my steak cravings! Alhamdulillah!! God is so good. 


This recipe is extremely easy I can do this everyday. Lols. 😆😆


  • Beef cuts (all types ok) — thick fat layers can be cooked for flavor but you won’t be able to eat it bacause it becomes rubbery. 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper
  • Butter
  • Optional: I am still in search for the herbs that will make my steaks even tastier. Go ahead and try onion powder and paprika if you have them in your pantry. 


  1. Keep the beef cuts in room temperature before cooking. This is a MUST! 
  2. Rub salt and pepper according to taste. 
  3. Heat the pan in medium-high heat until its very hot. This is important. 
  4. Toss butter into the pan. Amount should be more than just greasing the pan but not as if you’re going to deep fry the beef. Don’t worry if it becomes brown. It’s not burnt yet. 😜
  5. Put beef cuts to the pan on one side for 30-40seconds. Then turn on the other for another half a minute or so. Yes, it will create too much smoke. Make sure your exhaust fan is open. 
  6. Take them out of the pan and let them rest on the plate for 5-10minutes before serving. 
  7. Enjoy the juicy steak made in less than 5minutes!! 😋😋😋 Yum! 

P.S. I fried a cup of cooked rice using the leftover butter on the same pan. Added a little garlic powder and a little salt. Tasty winner!


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