Of coconut oils and living healthy… 

For a few months now I have been doing research about oils and the bad effects of the regular vegetable oils. I will not discuss the pros and cons here because that would be plagiarism and I am no expert to drop facts despite of plenty articles being readily available in the internet from credible sources. 

What I want to share today is the reality of how hard it is to buy safe foods unless you grow them. Gone are the days where you can just pick something out of your backyard and be happy you have food without shelling out a penny. 

When I finally decided to feed my family healthy edibles– I did not realize that not only will it be expensive, it will also be hard to find. But alhamdulillah, last night I have found a place where I can buy cooking coconut oil by the bottle. It’s this Lulu Hypermarket that my husband has been blabbing about last week. A big well organized supermarket like SM in the Philippines. Most of the people working there are Indians and I guess all can speak English. It was a nice sight actually. What amazed me are the variety of products they offer. Most of them not available in our local hypermarket. Like organic vegetables, salad bars, the local delicacies. It was a sight!! And oh boy did we spend more than we planned. Yes, the coconut oil!! They have it in small amounts and bulk! This is the first time I’m going to be using it so I bought myself a 500ml at around 10sr. The 2liter gallon (with I think an additional 300ml promo) is at 40sr. Wish me luck!!! Bismillah. 😄😄😄 <happy!>

Update: The coconut taste appears in some recipes. Especially fried ones. 😞 If you know a fix, post them please. 🤔


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