Eggs, Lemons and losing 6kg πŸ˜Ž

One of the worse things of my pregnancy is the weight gain. I have been already on the heavier side of the scale when I was single and getting the extra kilos with getting pregnant was a fear I dreaded. This is in fact one of the reasons why I opted not to get pregnant immediately. So now that that is over and done, its now time to shed the remnants of the battle and begin another struggle for greatness. Sigh. πŸ˜“
So I have been trying to cut down with food. Crash dieting was never my style but the following video looked promising and easy. Also, I needed a jump start-knowing that I am way over my pre-pregnancy weight. 

This egg diet really helped me with the intake. Although I craved bad for steak on Day 5, I was able to finish it with very mininal cheats and ended losing 5-6kgs. I was also taking coffee in the morning. And my tea is always sweetened with the honey-lemon-ginger concoction that my friend, Faith, taught me. 

Honey-Lemon-Ginger Concoction


  • Lemons
  • A jar of honey
  • Ginger


  1. Wash lemons well and cut into slices however you prefer. πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹
  2. Wash and peel ginger. Slice them however you prefer too. 
  3. Mix them in a jar of honey. 
  4. Keep them for 24 hours before using. ⏲

(Photo to follow πŸ€—)

What I want share is–there are strict ways to kill happiness but no one should ever stop you from eating what you want except yourself. Let me also add that my good of a husband never forced me to lose weight. He loved me nonetheless and supported me with every egg and ice cream I swallow. That helped me stay happy and determined to finish what I started. I know that what I’m doing is only because I want to. πŸ˜„

With my usual house chores I was able to gain some confidence that I can go lose some more. So I started with Zumba…which deserves its own blog entry. 😝 Stay tuned!


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